I recently started the HBO comedy-drama “Girls“. It began in 2012, and counts 3 seasons so far. Each season counts ten episodes of a half-hour each, except the recently concluded season 3 that totals at 12.

The show chronicles the many struggles of a group of girls in their 20s, all trying to make it in the Big Apple or New York City for those of us not accustomed to fruits. Yes, that does sound like a younger version of “Sex and The City” (#SATC). In fact the pilot emphasizes that #SATC was the motivation for one of the four Girls. However the parallels end there, because aside from that, the poignant and gritty “Girls” couldn’t be any more different than the glitz and glamor that was #SATC. Where the latter was the fabulous tale of successful women trying to find love, the former stands out as the messy story of girls trying to succeed, in life as well as in love. Cue in the drama, comedy, sex and drugs.

Girls” tackles a wide range of issues, aforementioned and much more. Its appeal lies in its brutally honest story telling. Characters growing and unraveling before our very eyes, portraying a seamless mesh of Beauty and Imperfection. A refreshing glimpse into the life of young adults, and the pressure to succeed. A story wrought with Disillusionments and Epiphanies. Above all, a stark depiction of life in the real world.

Probably, this is where “Girls” succeeds. Show creator Lena Dunham (who also writes, directs, stars as lead character and serves as executive producer) has managed to tinge her story with a societal and feminist consciousness that isn’t so evident in most shows these days. Issues like abortion, marriage, sexually acceptable norms, mental disorders; all these are tackled with a consistency, albeit furtively, and an honesty that readily begs its audience to relate on as many levels. This could be attributed to the fact that Dunham used some of her experiences as a struggling writer in New York when creating the show. Of course, that pays off enormously.

Before I wind off as a kiss-ass let me end up by saying that in its 3 seasons run, “Girls” has managed to place itself as a relevant piece of modern television. It is definitely worth a try. Needless to say, I’m a fan.

Girls : 8/10

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