Bonjour les gens… même ceux qui ne…. oh wait 😅…. that’s not mine…

Hi folks. Been away for so long I forgot my line lol. So what’s good?

To celebrate my return I’m gonna do something I haven’t done in all my 20 sum years of watching Anime, and that is write about it. Specifically I’m gonna be doing a ranking of my favorite Anime throughout this summer season. In case you didn’t know, every season a new crop of Anime is introduced to the masses, and it is our job to watch and appreciate (or not). I was actually going to start this from Spring season but “stuff” happened and I didn’t. Anyway I’m doing it now so yeah.

Before I get started I’d like to mention that this “ranking” is purely subjective and shouldn’t be taken for gospel  (then again I’ve been watching anime My whole life so maybe there’s some credibility in there).

Secondly,  contrary to what almost everyone else does, I’ll be doing a top 7 of my favorites, while mentioning a few notables that you should still check out if you’re gonna read my rankings.

Also, my rankings will generally be void of any sequels or returning Anime from a previous season (I say that now to shield myself from any backlash after you’ve all read this). With the formalities out of the way, let’s get to it.


Honorable Mentions.

Because life is unfair and you can’t always have what you want, I chose to fill this slot with the titles that I didn’t like as much as the ones you’re gonna see in my top 7. That doesn’t mean you should skip them just cuz I wouldn’t do a top 10 like every normal human being 😂. So here are the Anime I feel are really good this season, but I don’t overly fancy.

– Berserk 2016
– Fukigen no Mononokean
– Amaama to Inazuma
– Orange
– Tales of Zestiria the X
– Amanchu

In case you were wondering, you’ll have to Google the titles in this slot. I can’t do all the work for you 😑.

Moving on, my top 7 from this season. Mind you, these are the ones I’ve really taken a liking to, for one reason or another, so don’t be surprised if you don’t see that really popular Shonen manga title you’ve been hearing about all summer. Also, no spoilers at all. Yup, I’m nice like that.


  1. Nejimaki Seirei Senki: Tenkyou no Alderamin. (Alderamin on the Sky)


Alderamin is a light novel Anime adaptation by Madhouse. It’s a cross between Action, adventure and fantasy, with a military backdrop, and it spots a brilliant but lazy Main Character. You should check it out. I did mention it was from Madhouse right? Right.

  1. D.Gray-man Hallow


Yes I said no sequels. But it’s been 8 years since the last D.Gray-Man episode, so this qualifies. In case you’re not versed with this tale of demons and exorcists, give the original series a try before jumping on here. Personally I’m just glad it’s back. Thank you TMS Entertainment.

  1. Battery


This one I hold really dear. Battery is adapted from a Baseball novel series, about two junior high students who form the perfect battery… almost. Unlike most sports Anime, Battery focuses a lot on the interpersonal relationship between all the characters involved in the wellbeing of this “perfect” battery. You should definitely give it a try if you’re looking to take a break from the usual exuberance of sports Anime.

  1. DAYS


Yes. I like sports Anime. Especially when they don’t try to make you believe that high schoolers are superhuman.

Like Battery, DAYS is pretty much “realistic” on that front, giving us a different perception of what it means to be the weakest link in a team. Plus, it’s about football so count me in any day. I’d also like to mention the beautiful job MAPPA are doing animating this one.

  1. Saiki Kusuo no PSI Nan (The Disastrous Life of Saiki K.)


Saiki is a psychic, and he’s not too pleased about it. If you think you’ve seen humorous Anime, Saiki will make you rethink your position 😂😂😂

There isn’t one minute that this Anime doesn’t make me laugh, and that’s saying something if you consider that it’s a daily series of 5-minute shorts. Clearly worth your while.

  1. MOB Psycho 100.


If you think I like psychics, you’re right. This one is about a psychic who doesn’t relish using his powers. But that doesn’t mean he won’t beat the living daylights out of anyone who pisses him off😂

Worth noting that this is from the mind of ONE, creator of One-Punch Man, so expect some familiarity from the Main character. Although, I honestly have to say you’re in for a surprise 😂

  1. 91 Days.


I remember the first time I saw The Godfather. I fell in love with that world. Maybe that’s why when I watched the first episode of 91 Days, I was sold. This is a mafia crime story of revenge set during the prohibition era in an “alternate” America. If that’s not enough to convince you, the decor is perfect. There’s an eye for detail that is impressive for the likes of anime, and the mise-en-scène is exquisite. I should mention the simple yet efficient opening and closing theme songs. 91 Days ticks all the boxes for a riveting time spent rooting for wrongs to be righted, consequences be damned.

There you have it. My top 7 of this year’s Anime summer season. If you’ve been watching, tell me what you think. If you haven’t, go out into the world and discover the beauty of Anime. Peace.

Until next time, follow the Reynard. (No really. Do. My twitter is @AquariusReynard).