Sinon Bonjour les gens, et les autres aussi… même ceux qui ne repondent jamais.

This week a show made its (more or less) awaited return on our screens. “24” or “24 Heures Chrono” for my french readers has come back on FOX primetime under the new revamped name of “24 Legacy”. This marks the return of the show after 8 season and a limited series and man are things different.

First thing, EXIT Jack Bauer. The guy (Kiefer Sutherland) got a promotion of sort with his ABC show “Designated Survivor” in which he plays a president of the United States. He is Producer on the show though, so that good news. This year, it is Eric Carter, a common name for a common guy, who will have the worst day of his life, quite literally. Carter is played by Corey Hawkins (Dr Dre in “Straight Outta Compton”) and is assisted by a plethora of secondary characters that we have all seen here and there some time in our life. Carter is Military Hero who finds himself targeted by some terrorists after his return to the US. The terrorists have for goal (at least it seems so far, because twists are frequent in this show) large-scale terror attacks on American soil. In other words, one thing about the “24” formula is basically the same: Hell is about the break loose and only one guy is equipped and stubborn enough to prevent doom.


So, what do I think about it? I really don’t know. I mean, I love Jack Bauer but we could all feel he was getting exhausted. Not only as the actor seemed not able to keep up with the demands of the job, but also the character itself has been through hell and beyond. There was nowhere else to go after. So yea I am okay with this soft reboot (soft because they mentioned characters from past season). Yet, to me, it still doesn’t feel like “24” yet. The fact that Carter is African American is adding a new dynamic to the show. But those additions, as welcome as they are, felt so jarring to me. For me, “24” has always been a show where beyond good and bad guys, you could understand the reasoning and the motivation of characters. And yet with this version I just don’t buy it. It may be because they tried to phase us directly into the action part of the show but I was really not impressed with the characterization in the first 2 episodes.

The next point that I should mention is part of the problems that come with following a formula. It is common knowledge that in this kind of show, the enemy, the terrorists are mostly always Muslims from the Middle-East, with some support from the Russian (or Eastern European) and sometimes homegrown attackers who will be portrayed as dumb teachers that got manipulated into these situations. Like I said a formula that worked (more or less) in the previous seasons, but in the actual climate of things it seems counter productive to go back to that part of the formula. It might turn off a lot of people from the show and even create a movement to boycott the show. However, one thing that we can count on is the ability for “24 Legacy” writers to surprise us with some out of this world twists. So jury is still out.


Anyhow… if you look past the dumb love triangle drama, the dumber high school drama and the few times when some characters are taking the dumbest decisions possible, then definitely the first two episodes of “24 Legacy” were solid enough to make me (us) keep watching.

24 Legacy” airs on Monday nights on FOX. Let me know in the comments what you think about it so far.

P.S. the show has a stellar cast, it really does but few are really given enough to work on for now at least. One thing that hasn’t change, is the guessing game the show keeps pulling us in, as to figure out who is a double agent, or triple agent. It never gets old.

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